Christmas Memorial Service

   This year has been difficult for everyone, especially those who have lost a loved one. At Krapf & Hughes, it is our desire to lead you into this holiday season with comfort, healing and direction. Below you will find information on our 2020 Virtual Christmas Memorial Service.


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  • What is a Virtual Christmas Memorial Service?
    • In years past, our staff would organize, plan and orchestrate an in-person service where the families we have served this year, would gather together as one, to remember the lives we lost. Families understood that others were having the same emotions and it was okay to feel that way. 
    • This night of healing and comfort will include messages from both Catholic and Protestan faith, special music from local vocalists and a string group offering meditative carols. The names of everyone our funeral home has served from January 1 through October 31, will be read aloud with a moment of reflection. Families are asked to actively participate by posting a candle emjoi or photo of your loved one. 
  • When will the Memorial Service Be Held?
    • The Service will be held Saturday, December 12, 2020 at 7:00pm with premusic beginning at 6:50pm. 
  • What is Premusic?
    • Premusic is about 10 minutes worth of music that will be played on the live video to give viewers the experience of actually being in the funeral home for the service. Our staff will decorate the chapel and the string group will play behind. This allows all viewers to gather together before we start, so we all begin at once, as one, like in person. 
  • How can I access this service?
    • Though this service would traditionally be in person, we have elected to make this a virtual service to keep all of our client families safe, as we comply with state and local regulations in regard to crowd size. The service can be accessed on Facebook Live, YouTube or right here on our website. 
  • My family uses another funeral home. Are we still invited?
    • Yes! Traditionally with an in-person service, the Christmas Memorial Service would be exclusive to those who called upon Krapf & Hughes this year. As we move to a virtual format, we are happy to include everyone!
  • I'm not availble when the service is scheduled? Can I still watch it?
    • Yes! The service is prerecorded and will be played on December 12 at 7:00pm in an effort to bring our families together like we normally would. However, the video will remain up on all platforms (Facebook, YouTube and our website) to watch at a later time. 
  • Who is participating in the service?
    • Father Ric Polmounter, St. John Bosco Church

    • Pastor Jeremy Yadsko, Bethel Baptist Church

    • Shannon Marsyada, Vocalist

    • Cassidy Bicking, Vocalist

    • Melanie Pensock, Mary Jo Cross and Tina Lizbinski, String Group

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