Christmas Memorial Service

    At Krapf & Hughes, it is our desire to lead you into this holiday season with comfort, healing and direction. Below you will find information on our 2021 Christmas Memorial Service.
  • What is a Christmas Memorial Service?
    • Our staff is in the process of organizing, planning and orchestrating a memorial service where the families we have served this year come together as one, to remember the lives of your loved ones. The first Christmas without any loved one weighs on the hearts of all. The service reassures families that the sadness and grief they are experiencing is normal and healthy. 
    • This night of healing and comfort will include messages from both Catholic and Protestant faith, special music from local vocalists, a string group and choir offering meditative carols. The names of all decedents cared for by our funeral home from November 1, 2020 through November 15, 2021 will be read aloud during the candlelight portion of the service. Families will be invited to stand and raise their candles in honor of their passed family member.  


  • When will the Memorial Service Be Held?
    • The Service will be held Sunday afternoon, December 12, 2021 at 4:00pm at our newly renovated Butler Chapel located at 530 W. Butler Drive, Drums. 


  • I did not receive an invitation but my loved one was served through your funeral home. Why?
    • Were you the principal contact on your loved one’s funeral service? This person was listed as the "Informant" on the death certificate and had the capacity to authorize dispositions like cremation and embalming was the only family member to receive a invitation. Please coordinate with that Informant, as a reply card with the number of guests attending is required to be returned to the funeral home.
    • Did your loved one pass away between the dates of November 1, 2020, and November 15, 2021? Decedents before that date were included in last year's Virtual Memorial Service which is available on our YouTube page. If your loved one passed after November 15, 2021, you will be included in next year's service. 
    • If you did not receive an invitation but your loved one was served through our funeral home, the follow reasons may resolve that issue:


  • Will the service be livestreamed for those unable to attend?
    • We are excited to host this healing event in-person once again. Last year forced us to host a virtual program. We acknowledge that everyone has varying comfort levels when deciding to attend events like these and as a result, the service will be livestreamed that evening but will remain on our YouTube afterwards for viewing at a later time. The service can be accessed on YouTube or right here on our website.


  • My family used another funeral home. Are we still invited?
    • Last year we were able to welcome anyone who experienced a loss to view our service. With this year's in-person service, it is limited to families who used Krapf & Hughes. However, anyone is welcome to watch the livestream. 


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